RoseGlitz was born out of focus, determination, courage and persistence. Throughout history,  bead embroidered clothing have been the preserve of the front line class, yet, men were left out of this range. The concept of hand bead embroidered fashion clothes for men was proudly born in 2010 by RoseGlitz,  the hub that defines design excellence with finely selected beads.

The brand is patronised by her prestigious clients across the world including Europe, Africa and  America. The President and CEO of RoseGlitz,  Rosemond,  carefully appends her rich bead signature to every outfit that leaves her doors, thus giving her clients that unmatched ‘feel good’ factor that comes with wearing her designs.

RoseGlitz Foundation is her idea of reaching out to  underprivileged women to give them hand skills to make them financially independent and socially relevant. Rosemond also set up RoseGlitz Skills Training Institute where her doors are open to all to acquire Hand Skills, Soft Skills and Managerial Skills for life.

Her iconic concepts have won her  recognition among Africa’s Most Influential Women 2014 and 2015 according to CEO Magazine, South Africa. In an interview with Africa Report, Rosemond pledged her commitment to making her brand a global one and owing her success to God, she’s very much on course doing just that.